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Instant qualified leads

There is no faster or more efficient way of getting immediate leads than through Google Ads (previously Google Adwords). Advanced targeting options and high visibility of ads matching exact user intent allows for a much higher opportunity for conversion.

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Reach far and wide

The Google network extends over their search engine, Google Display Network with millions of sites, Remarketing, Youtube and Google Shopping. We have the skill required to deliver ads across the entire Google network at the cheapest cost to you.

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Transparent management

Unlike some agencies who force their clients to surrender their Google accounts to them, we believe that 100% honesty and transparency is to key to any successful partnership. At MMX, we offer you complete control as standard.

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Advertise with MMX on Google’s vast network and attract qualified leads

Google Display & Remarketing

Google’s display network allows your business to serve ads on a network of over 11 million sites. Reach potential customers on websites they frequently visit, it’s a fantastic way to gain massive exposure and tap into a lucrative audience. Coupled with remarketing, this provides you with a great way to ‘follow’ people around the web that have visited your site, effectively giving you long last brand exposure.

Youtube Advertising

YouTube ads allows you to be seen where everyone is watching. Let us craft an video advertising strategy to teach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. Customised YouTube advertising options  can also enable you to only pay when users actually show interest in your ads..

Google Shopping

Google Shopping campaigns allow your products to be featured and listed directly on the Google website itself. Imagine the possibilities to your e-commerce business when potential customers can find and access your product directly through the Google website.

Advertise with MMX on Google's vast network and attract qualified leads

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Massively boost results when your Google Ads campaign is expertly optimised.

Due to our high ability to optimise spend our clients were confident enough to spend millions of dollars via our strategists has ranked in the top 1% of Google Partners in Australia promoting Google to make us one of their few Premier Partners.

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Our Google Ads Specialists genuinely want to grow your business and maximise every dollar.

We pride ourself on our ability to test and implement the latest marketing tech we still operate by old fashioned morals, service and value. Our mission is to provide the very best level of SEO in order to help you grow.

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Work with a locally based team who has been doing this for over 20 years and has seen it all.

Rely on our vast experience in the industry to produce a strategy that works to really unlock the true potential of Google’s Ad platform.

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Don’t settle for anything less than 100% transparency across your entire Google Ads account.

From analytical  data to the entire scope of work and all the finer details in between, you can rest assure that we will always deliver 100% transparency across the board.

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Our brilliant team of Google Ads experts are focused on aligning your strategy based of real data.

Our team are obsessed with optimising Google Ad campaigns and constantly audit each other to see who has the ultimate campaign. This competitive natures provides a huge benefit to your company as our accounts are obsessively managed.

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Emad Raad

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How much does it cost to use Google ads?

This largely depends on what you are advertising. Google ads work on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis. This means advertisers pay only when a user clicks on their ad. The current PPC average is $2.00USD ($2.89AUD). However, PPC can range anywhere from $0.20 to $30+. If you are advertising on Google, you are required to set an average daily budget spend. There isn’t a minimum amount, meaning, technically you can set your budget to as low as you want. Contact MMX and we can help you with this.

The trick is to pick the right mix of search keywords related to your ad or business that are lead to click-throughs and are cost-effective. It’s advisable to work with a ppc agencies or adwords agency that can help you use your Google ads spend wisely.

How can I advertise on Google for free?

You cannot advertise on Google for free. However, you do not have to pay to become more visible on Google, either. If you don’t want to pay for Google ads, you will need to focus your energy on improving your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO can be improved in multiple ways, including adding specific keywords/phrases into your content, providing back-links, and generally creating valuable content a customer may be searching for to help you rank higher in Google search results. Check out our SEO offerings here.

What is the difference between Facebook and Google ads?

The biggest difference between Facebook ads and Google ads is the user’s intent. While a user on Google has a specific reason to search for an item or service (for example, they may be looking for new shoes), Facebook instead targets a user by interest. On Facebook, you may not be looking for shoes, but you may have shown an interest in shoes in the past, and therefore will be shown an ad for shoes based on that perceived interest.

Think of it like this: Google users are driven to find a specific product or service whereas Facebook users are just browsing and not necessarily on an active hunt. MMX are experts at Social Media advertising and you can read about our expertise here.

How many ads does Google have?

Google receives about 3.5 billion search queries a day. Each of these queries would show display ads. With such a high amount of queries showing ads related to the specific search entered, it’s important (for your ad to be effective) to have a knowledgeable AdWords manager who will understand how a customer might search for your particular product or service. Call us to find out more.

Is it worth it to advertise on Google?

Yes! Google will allow you to reach more customers, advertise both locally and globally, and reach the right people at the right time. Customers are already searching for your product or service. Advertising on Google just helps you become more visible.

Also, because there’s no cap on the minimum amount you need to advertise, even if you have a relatively small budget, you can experiment with ads with very little risk and measure the outcomes over the course of days or weeks. Get in touch with us to start advertising with Google today.

How do I stop the ads on Google?

If you have an active campaign, you can stop it at any time. Simply sign into your account, and click the Ads tab.

From there, click the Status icon, and select Pause. This allows you to stop the ad from running, but you will be able to start your PPC advertising campaign again at any time by switching the status back. Read about how we can help you manage your AdWords accounts inside.

Is it better to advertise on Facebook than Google Ads?

Both platforms are extremely effective places to advertise your business, and, depending on your industry, both ad platforms are relatively inexpensive, offering little barrier to entry, even for small businesses. Google is where you want to advertise if you want to take advantage of search traffic.

Google ads are perfect for driving traffic with the intent to convert. For example, if someone is searching for “electrician Sydney” they are likely to call one of the first few electricians they see in a Google search. Facebook is much more tailored to driving brand awareness and generating leads. Contact MMX and we can help you run all of your ads across both platforms.

How many ads does a person see a day?

That depends on the person, but it has been estimated that the average modern individual may be exposed to 5,000-10,000 a day. Every web page we visit will have ads of one kind or another on them.

One of the reasons Google integrates ads right into the search results is to avoid customer “banner blindness” whereby people “switch off” their attention to ads. By integrating the ads into results, Google attempts to make ads seem less invasive and more organic, leading to more click-throughs on searches. Contact MMX today and we can help you figure out the best ads to run.