Let’s face it, most Aussie businesses think they are educated enough to know the difference between cheaper hosting providers that providers that cost that little bit extra. If you asked the regular business owner what the difference is, they would most likely put it down to resources. More bandwidth, more disk space, more email accounts etc.

The truth is, that used to be more of a sole indicator of price back in the day, but these days resources are relatively cheap and what you are really paying for is support and infrastructure. Everybody is dropping buzz words these days like redundancy, cloud, uptime and SLA, and we even do this ourselves. But the difference is, when the worst happens you need to think about who you want on your side and looking after you. Do you want to deal with a company directly that would use its highest resources and staff members to personally make sure you recover, or do you want to deal with a junior in an overseas call center who can barely speak English.

I personally believe that support and service is what separates good hosting companies from great hosting companies. Sure we have the latest in hosting technology and we use a state of the art visualised Vm-Ware cloud hosting infrastructure with redundant SAN storage (see I told you we would drop it on you), but so do a lot of the massive hosting companies offering these things at ridiculously cheap prices.

How can they afford to do this?

The quick answer is they cut cost in support personnel and rely too much on automated ticketing support systems. The other major factor is that they oversell and overcrowd their servers. Where each of our servers would house a modest amount of SME style websites, their servers would house thousands of different websites all hogging the resources. Having your important website hosted on the same servers as these less notable sites increases your chances of being affected by something one of those other sites will cause.

If you value your website, business, email and your private data, then why would you ever risk sticking your website on one of those cheap servers to save a couple of bucks? It simply does not make sense and is a bad business decision. Sure it would do the job, but when problems arise you will be stuck trying to deal with people who don’t understand your business and how important it is for you to back up and running in the quickest amount of time possible.

Having second thoughts about opting in for a cheap hosting solution yet?

Well let me tell you what you could expect if you opt in for a reputable Australian web hosting company to look after you. Not only will you be buying into one of the most reliable and robust networks, you will be backed by an experienced team who has been in the business for a long time which will make it their mission to make sure you are always online, and happy. And if there are ever any issues, just pick up the phone and speak to a senior member of our team. Just good old fashioned service!