We are well into 2014 now and it’s time to get even more serious about business. We understand that our client’s websites and email needs are growing, and the demand for more resources is forever increasing. We’re making a change based on our clients feedback and evolving industry standards, a change that enables our current and future clients to keep up with their increasing demands, without increasing costs.

It is our pleasure today to announce that we are doubling our disk space and bandwidth resources across our entire shared hosting packages, at no extra cost! You heard right, double capacities at the same price. Cool huh?

I’m an existing client, what exactly does this mean for me?

Well basically you can have a website twice as large as you currently do, more pages, larger databases, more images and other interactive media without paying to upgrade your plan. Your website will also be able to handle twice as many visitors, and you will be able to store twice as many emails. Perfect for our SEO clients hosted with us who are experiencing significant growth and looking to upgrade their hosting account soon.

I’m a potential client, what’s in it for me?

First of all, Hi, thanks for reading our blog! Give us a call sometime we’d love to hear from you 🙂

The bottom line is that our hosting offers premium service at a reasonable price: We run a high end cloud hosting infrastructure and are only interested in hosting websites for business who are serious about speed, reliability, security, support and service. By increasing our resources and keeping the prices the same this makes us much more competitive in terms of affordability and brings our offering further in-line with the lower quality hosting providers out there.

What this means for potential clients is that it’s more affordable now and a much clearer choice to step into real premium hosting for your business, and enjoy the benefits of a reputable provider looking after you.

Our new packages

Please refer to the table below to see how our new plans stack up. You can also view our full plan details and sign up to an account here.

We hope you enjoy these recent upgrades and it makes a significant difference to your online business. You can read more about our hosting services here and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your hosting requirements.

One thing is for certain there is a high demand for PHP developers and a vast supply of skilled developers out there. 21% of developer jobs on the popular US site Craigslist were for PHP projects, and in 2011 PHP developers were found on a total of 18,950 LinkedIn profiles, compared to only 138 job listings for ruby on rails and only 720 rails developers found on LinkedIn.

It will not be until Rails has matured like a fine wine like PHP that it can be measured as a better, reliable programming language. It’s current support base, skill shortage and expense still poses somewhat of a risk to any new start-up thinking about developing in Ruby on Rails, in my humble opinion.