Over two years, Multimediax was single-handedly responsible for completing a complete software project assigned by the NSW State Government. We were responsible for all aspects of the project including project management, systems analysis, design, development, database architecture, testing, implementation and support.

What exactly is the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a cross platform software-based tool we designed and developed for the NSW State Government to help Aboriginal community develop an understanding of the current level of wellbeing in their community and to set in place goals and actions to improve community wellbeing.

The Toolkit allows for a positive approach to community planning, and features interactive planning and reporting tools designed to focus on the strengths of a community, rather than its weaknesses.

What will the Toolkit achieve?

The Toolkit generates a series of reports for a community that can form the basis of a formal community action plan. It can also assist a community to monitor its level of wellbeing over time and plan relevant actions to improve its wellbeing.

How has the Toolkit been received by the media?

Our software was launched by the NSW Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker on 14 March 2012 to an outstanding response. We were highly praised for the project and the software has been received extremely well and is in full use in the indigenous community thanks to its intuitive design and flawless operation.

The following is a snapshot of the software’s functionality: