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When Dr Adam Najem approached they had just moved their clinic to a new location in Sydney’s north west region. They had another digital agency engaged who was under performing causing them to question if digital marketing was something they should continue to pursue as they could not afford to continue to invest if the results did not quickly improve.

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Adam Najem, Dr Adam Najem

The Challenge

Dr Adam had only recently moved to the new location and was not well known in the region. He needed to expand his client base quickly to ensure that he could establish his new clinic and not be affected by any churn from his current client list (due to the move). In addition to this his current marketing spend was delivering a very low return on ad spend making it an unsustainable option. 

The Approach

Adopting a growth mentality means we squeeze every dollar in the ad budget to ensure we only spend in areas that deliver the highest return. We found that we could dramatically reduce the cost per lead by implementing a multi strategic approach that aligns specific services to matching channels. Both top and bottom funnel offerings are promoted over social media, while Google Ads target high intent customers and SEO ensures long term sustainability.

The Result

In the first three months the SEO campaigns resulted in an increase of 66% in leads from organic searches. Leads from Google’s paid channels delivered 100% more leads at 500% less cost per lead! We saved the best for last as our social media campaigns focused across Facebook and Instagram delivered more than 600 leads at a cost of under $10 each! All in the first three months.


Increase in leads from Google organic channels in three months.


Reduction in the cost per leads from Google paid channels in three months


Leads generated from paid ads run across Facebook and Instagram in three months

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