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Narellan Pools was established over 45 years ago and has grown to become an iconic Australian swimming pool brand and global company that spans multiple industries including manufacturing, franchising and construction.

“The MMX team have delivered a level of sophistication in the management and reporting of our Digital Marketing. We can make data driven decisions based on the strategic approach set out for each country/territory.”

Marcelle Benjamin, Narellan Pools

The Challenge

Narellan Pools are a performance advertiser with interests in international markets. Their services span across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Each month, budget is allocated to each of the countries with a KPI lead target. 

The core challenge for Narellan Pools is to balance effort, maintain performance and ensure KPIs are being met for over 65 regions globally.

Due to operating internationally and selling a service that is seasonal and based on emotional purchasing, the strategy and implementation in every region is often unique and needs to evolve rapidly. This means having a large number of campaigns, ad groups and unique creative assets for every region that need to be maintained and optimised on an extremely granular level to ensure targets are being met globally. 

After an initial audit of the account, we found that the advertiser had account hygiene issues which needed to be rectified in order to lay a healthy foundation moving forward. 

The Approach

Smart Bidding

Once the MMX team took over the account, we immediately found large inconsistencies with the implementation of smart bidding strategies. Due to the initial smart bidding learning period, we spent the first few months auditing and split testing all smart bidding strategies to identify what is most effective for the business. Once we had consistent evidence of the highest performing strategies, we made data-driven decisions and begun rolling out smart bidding strategies globally. 


The initial approach taken was to achieve a healthy foundation for the account by utilising all best practices which were advised by our Google Agency Team. To begin with, the account was currently running on last-click attribution. Our first objective was to educate the Narellan Pools marketing team about NLCA and the correct method to report on conversions. Once all stakeholders were in agreeance, our internal Google Ads specialists analysed the account and business objectives and as a result the Position-Based NLCA strategy was chosen. 


Much like automated bidding strategies, we initially found large inconsistencies in the type of creatives being utilised across the campaigns. We relied on our Google Agency team to assist us in submitting an application for the Responsive Search Ads (RSA) beta and to advise on the best course of action in creative implementation. After we were able to gain access to the beta we then focused on split testing and rolling out a mix of Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads.  


The account initially had no audience strategy, we worked to roll out remarketing lists for search audiences (RLSA) which allowed us to acquire higher quality traffic which in return equated to a higher quality enquiry.

The Result

The MMX team begun laying out the initial foundational account improvements in September of 2018 in Australia with a strategy that will see Narellan Pools entering the peak season (January 2019) in a better technical situation with a mapped out paid search strategy. We were able to achieve the following results for our search campaigns:


Increase in assisted conversions from Google Ads


Increase in phone calls from the website


Increase in calls from ads

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