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Tech Guide is the go-to website to stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech news and reviews. Editor Stephen Fenech is one of the most respected Technology is an essential part of our daily lives but it changes quickly. 

“The team are always available when I need them and they give me the peace of mind by offering me the best chance to increase traffic to my site, earn more revenue through my advertisers and to make a bigger impact on social media. As a tech journalist who runs his own website – I can focus on writing my reviews and breaking stories while the team at Multimediax look after everything else. If you’re serious about creating an online presence, you need to get the right people to get you there – and Multimediax will always be my choice. Let them show you what’s possible.”

Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide

The Challenge

The technology news and review industry is highly competitive with many high quality players in the market. Due to this, achieving quality traffic and on page engagement is extremely challenging. Users often have many choices and are often loyal to whom provides them with the latest and most relevant content.

The Approach

We engaged our growth marketing team which consists of experts from each of the major digital marketing channels including Google UX design & development, SEO, social media marketing & email marketing and automation. We tackled the challenge through this multi-channel strategy with a strong focus on UX in order to gain mass amounts of traffic and great user engagement.

The Result

Our growth strategy allowed Tech Guide to grow and flourish on all platforms with an increased social media following, a growing loyal email subscriber base, increased website traffic which resulted in premium advertiser sponsorship’s for the website and podcast, allowing revenue to grow year on year.


Increase in email subscribers


Increase in social media followers


Increase in website traffic

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