Email marketing campaigns play a pivotal role in digital marketing campaigns becoming the fuel for you sales funnel

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Email Nurture Sequences

It is a great thing to be collecting names and email addresses from your website but once you get them you need to ensure you have a sequence of emails that will nurture the new contact and encourage them to move further down your sales funnel.

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Direct Email Marketing

If you have a very specific audience that you want to communicate with direct email is often the best way to open a line of communication with your targets. This data driven approach combined with a content strategy can open a dialogue that will add the target to your sales funnel.

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Email Marketing Solutions

Email is a very malleable tool and can be used to connect your contact from one channel to another. Our team of experts can review your entire current marketing plan and implement a series of sequences that revolve around the way your database interact with your website.

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Email marketing is mostly about sending a monthly EDM to your database, right? Wrong!

Email marketing campaigns play a pivotal role in digital marketing campaigns becoming the fuel for your sales funnel

Email Database Campaigns

The way you regularly interact with your database is extremely important to your business. They are your audience and you need to ensure that you keep them engaged with your company. This will keep you front of mind and when they require your services.

Email Sequence Management

Do you have an optimised sequence that goes out fro your sales people once they speak to a potential client? You should, not only does this allow you to control the process but also makes things easier for your team. This also applies to specific messaging sequences when a person in your database displays buying intent which is measured by our lead scoring process.

Outbound Email Campaigns

The majority of our marketing services are inbound focused but outbound cold email campaigns work and we just want to do what works. If we see an opportunity for you to achieve your goals with a highly targeted outbound email campaign we will include this in the strategy.

Email marketing campaigns play a pivotal role in digital marketing campaigns becoming the fuel for your sales funnel

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Dramatically boost your results when email is introduced as part of your overall strategy.

Email marketing is an integral part of most marketing funnels. Once you have used organic and paid marketing channels to build your databases with the right targets it is email that will lead them to the sale.

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Our Email Specialists genuinely want to grow your business and help you make money.

We leverage the latest tech for your marketing strategies but still operate by old fashioned morals, service and value. Our mission is to provide the very best level of service in order to help you grow.

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Work with a locally based team who has been doing this for over 18 years and has seen it all.

Rely on our vast experience in the industry to produce a strategy that works to really unlock the true potential of email marketing.

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Don’t settle for anything less than 100% transparency across your entire marketing account.

From analytical data to the entire scope of work and all the finer details in between, you can rest assure that we will always deliver 100% transparency across the board.

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Our brilliant team of marketing experts are focused on aligning your strategy based on real-time data.

We constantly review the interactions across your entire email sequence setup to find weak links in the chain. We then optimise where required and then repeat the process.

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What are the best email marketing services?

There are a wide variety of email marketing services available online. The most widely known may be Mailchimp, but Constant Contact, GetResponse, Drip, Active Campaign, Send in Blue, and ConvertKit are also widely used.

They all offer very similar services for roughly the same pricing. Many offer free trials, and all come with various customizable templates, social integrations, and email scheduling to help make your email campaign setup and deployment quick and easy.

What is email marketing and its benefits?

Email marketing offers great benefits for businesses who are looking for ways to keep their costs low while helping them to interact with an already engaged audience. An email marketing strategy allows you to deliver targeted and timely messaging to help drive revenue and awareness.

Not only is it easy to implement an email marketing campaign into any marketing strategy, it allows you to garner instant impact with a potentially global audience. On top of that, most email marketing platforms have simple backend analytics, so you can get real-time feedback on how well your message is being received.

How can I communicate better with email?

The most important thing you can do to nail an effective marketing email is to be brief. Be sure to write short messages that get right to the point and contain a clear call to action. If possible, be visual, and use images and language that fit with your brand.

Be sure to proofread any content that goes out, and try to personalise it where possible. Remember to craft a clever title that will catch your customer’s eye when they look at their inbox.

What is the purpose of email marketing?

Email marketing serves many purposes. Not only is it a way to close sales and increase conversions, it can lead to repeat customers by helping you build a close relationship with your client.

Email marketing allows you to regularly communicate with your customers while growing your visibility both locally and internationally. Those that opt-in to receive emails are already curious about your brand, and email marketing helps you continue to tell your story.

What are the types of email marketing?

There are many reasons to add email campaign services in your overall marketing strategy. For example, you might use email marketing to send:

  • Welcome emails to new clients
  • Re-engagement emails to re-warm cool leads
  • Transactional emails to thank clients for purchases
  • Cart abandonment reminders to help close sales
  • Promotions or sales follow-ups
  • Educational emails filled with product tips or tutorials
  • Customer stories to showcase how your product is being used
  • Brand stories to share your team’s personal journey

Using one or more of these reasons to reach out to your client helps keep your brand top of mind and engages your clients throughout the buying process.

Is email marketing still effective?

With 91% of consumers checking their email daily, email marketing is as relevant as ever. In fact, email marketing generates an average of $38 for every $1 spent. That’s well above what you might expect as a return from advertising via social media. What’s more, 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.

Email marketing continues to be effective because of its ability to create a meaningful connection between brands and customers.

Email marketing campaign strategies are designed to target users at various stages of the funnel to help close sales loops and build strong customer relationships in ways other marketing avenues can’t. That’s why email marketing is an important part of any overall marketing strategy.

How can I improve my mailing skills?

If you want to improve your response rate to your emails, look for email marketing solutions that allow for A/B testing. That way, you can experiment with how you structure or design your email, from the images and colours you choose to the call to action in order to see which version garners the most desirable results.

Consider hiring an email marketing agency. A professional will be able to help you hone in on how to craft and structure your emails to maximise your ROI.

What is the key benefit of email marketing?

One key benefit to email marketing is the relative ease of setup and its inexpensive nature.

Because it’s so simple to begin to build out an email campaign, and platform pricing is usually based on a sliding scale (with prices ranging from free to a few hundred dollars a month), even small businesses with a limited budget have the potential to reach global audiences almost immediately.