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Multimediax does all the heavy lifting for you, using our expertise to identify the right influencers to match your campaign goal. Whether you want to create a viral moment, focus on engagement, maximise conversions or a combination of them all, we specialise in finding the right influencer to make it happen!


The impact that influencers have on their followers' perception of brands and products is huge. Frighteningly, this influence can work in both a positive and negative way. Our Social Media team prides themselves on creating meaningful and lasting connections between brands and influencers to help maximise the output of any influencer marketing strategy.


Providing influencers with certain creative liberties allows them to showcase your brand in a way that appears organic to their audience and is on brand for them. Multimediax creates project briefs with this in mind, ensuring maximum performance so you get money's worth out of this collaboration type!

You should only work with influencers who have millions of followers, right? Wrong!

When many people think of the term ‘influencer’, they immediately think of certain online personalities with millions of followers who are living lavish and expensive lives. The reality is that influencers can be anyone from micro-creators with a small audience to those giants with a cult-like following.  What they have in common is the ability to create and share content that influences their audiences! Many smaller influencers boast an impressive engagement rate with their audience and can oftentimes see results that rival that of the top players in the game.

User Generated Content

Recent years have seen a massive boom in user-generated content (UGC) on social media. This is content created by ‘real users’ of your brand. Big brands have seen incredible success using this form of content as it appears native to social media platforms and looks like a genuine organic post by users. Research shows that using UGC results in a 29% higher conversion rate than campaigns that don’t utilise it.

Gifted Collaborations

Influencer marketing comes in two main forms: paid and gifted collaborations. Gifted collaborations are most common for smaller businesses or those with a tighter marketing budget. This collaboration type involves no additional influencer payment, rather they are just gifted your products in exchange for posting about your brand.

Influencer Events

Want to take your influencer marketing to the next level? Influencer events are a sure way to broadcast your brand to a massive audience and nurture your influencer relationships at the same time. These events can take many forms from a single event to a multi-day brand trip. Multimediax handles the whole process from start to finish to ensure your event is a hit among both influencers and their followers.


Influencer marketing is a new form of social media marketing that combines celebrity endorsements, word-of-mouth marketing and traditional product placement. Brands strategically align with relevant influencers and key opinion leaders to amplify their message to an engaged and targeted audience. Leveraging the influencers inbuilt audience, brands are able to reach their audience in an authentic and trustworthy way.

Influencers are recognised online personalities who have amassed a following through their digital profiles. Influencers can range from micro, with only a few thousand followers, all the way up to the largest influencers with followings in the millions. What they all have in common is an audience of engaged users who keep up to date with their online posts, typically on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

Micro-influencers are influencers with a follower count between 10,000 – 100,000. While micro-influencers don’t have as large a following as macro-influencers, their followers are typically more engaged and active which can lead to great results for brands looking to collaborate.

Influencer Marketing carries many of the same benefits as regular social media marketing however the main benefit comes from leveraging an influencers inbuilt following. Influencers have a strong and engaged social following of users who trust their recommendations and opinion. Influencer Marketing is a great way for brands to tap into new audiences through a trusted and familiar voice.

The cost of Influencer Marketing campaigns varies greatly and depends largely on the specific influencers chosen. Factors such as the influencers audience size, engagement rate and the deliverables you are expecting can impact the price of your campaign. Multimediax specialises in finding the right influencers to match your objective and budget.

Yes, Influencer Marketing is definitely here to stay. As more and more big brands move away from celebrity endorsements to influencer collaborations, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is the way of the future.

There are a few things to be cautious about when it comes to Influencer Marketing campaigns. Selecting the wrong influencer, limiting the influencers creative freedom and providing strict briefs/scripts are the most common mistakes.

To put it simply, YES! Influencers have become an important part of modern marketing due to their ability to reach specific audiences, create engaging content, build trust, and drive sales. There is a reason why big companies spend big on influencer marketing. When you work with an influencer you not only gain access to their following but also utilise the years of trust they have built with their following. The trust, engagement and audience you can achieve from influencer marketing is unlike anything else in the space.