Develop an integrated content strategy

From strategy to implementation and refinement, we can develop a content marketing program that builds your brand, engages with your target audience, and generates valuable leads to take your business to the next level.

Build brand awareness

We can build awareness and thought leadership by producing inspirational and educational content that consistently delivers your brand story, and addresses the specific needs of your target audience.

Engage customers and prospects online and in social channels

Content Marketing creates a new level engagement that goes beyond the current website, sales emails & brochures and other marketing communication materials.

Generate leads

The main objective of content marketing is to develop TRUST. By constantly engaging prospective buyers through the blog and social channels, we can start building lasting relationships – and be ‘top of mind’ when they are ready to purchase.

The MMX Advantage

Messaging Framework
Strategic messaging framework serves as the blueprint for all digital content & communications.
Buyer Personas
‘Humanise’ the content by focusing on your target’s background, pain points and goals.
Content Audit
Reviewing all content to determine what needs to be improved, repurposed and developed.
Content Calendar
We help your business develop a content calendar that details the themes & topics, plus publishing dates.
Streamline Workflow
The content workflow streamlines the process of planning, production and governance.
Distribution & Promotion
We distribute and promote your content across all channels as part of a tactical content marketing plan.

Create an effective content marketing plan

Content creation

The main objectives of the content marketing program are mainly focused on 3 things: build awareness, engage customers, and generate leads. We help your business develop unique and engaging content for your website, blog, email and social media channels.

Influencer marketing

We can leverage influencer relationships to help promote and share your content within their networks. The goal is to either have it referenced or syndicated on their channels or acquire links to strengthen organic search engine keyword rankings.

Paid search, Ads & remarketing

We can expand the reach of your content with paid search (PPC) advertising on Google Adwords (mainly for special content like the ebook), LinkedIn and Facebook Sponsored Updates for specific blog posts, plus remarketing in social (Facebook) and google.


Track, measure & report on content performance

Establishing goals & KPIs for content marketing

We realise that each business is unique. Our team of experts will work closely with you and develop appropriate and meaningful metrics to help achieve your content marketing goals.

Content marketing metrics we use

Some of the content marketing metrics that we work with include: Website traffic, page visits, content downloads, average time spent on pages, incoming links, calls-to-action (CTA) click-throughs, leads generated from web forms, plus social shares, likes and comments.

Monthly Performance reporting

Once your content marketing metrics have been established, we can create detailed monthly reports to determine what works and what doesn’t – and to make recommendations for improvement.

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