About the Aboriginal Wellbeing Toolkit

The Toolkit is a software-based support tool designed to help Aboriginal community groups to assess their current level of wellbeing and develop goals to improve wellbeing.


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Were generated for our clients during the last week.

The Problem

We were employed to develop a software solution to address problems faced by remote aboriginal communities.

Problems included:

  • Remote aboriginal communities had no convenient channels of communication to relay community problems
  • Government had difficulty processing and prioritising problems received from indigenous communities

The Solution

We developed a custom desktop software that allowed indigenous communities to relay regional problems with ease.

Solutions included:

  • A multi-platform software with the ability to work on all major environments, including Windows, Apple, Linux and online
  • A highly involved, customised software based on extensive feedback and indigenous community insight

The Results

The software was a big success for the NSW Government, receiving positive praise and press from both indigenous communities and the media.

Results included:

  • Excellent adoption of the software by the Indeginious community
  • Reports of the software being highly effective at achieving the goals it was designed for
  • Positive media attention and press praising the software's ease of use and effectiveness

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