About Opallac

Opallac is the newest name in UV Gel Nail Polish, this amazing new invention goes on like nail polish but dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days.


We have been in business for 15 wonderful years & we are here to stay.


Were generated for our clients during the last week.

The Problem

Opallac needed a high performance website that was edgy and sophisticated while still being practical and user friendly.

Problems Included:

  • Outdated website design
  • Lack of marketing functionality
  • Low conversion rate
  • Low search engine rankings

The Solution

We rebuilt the Opallac website and turned around their low performing SEO and PPC campaigns to help build and increase their brand exposure.

Solutions Included:

  • Updated website and integrated with shopify
  • Extensive on page optimisation and link building
  • Established Adwords campaign

The Results

The Opallac brand has continued to grow and thrive since the extremely successful implementation of the newly designed website and overall optimisation.

Results Included:

  • Modern, high performing website with improved marketing functionality
  • Increased search engine rankings to page one for the most competitive keywords
  • Success across all Adwords campaigns

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