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Tech Guide has been designed to appeal to readers of all ages and tech knowledge so they can be updated and educated about the latest trends, products and information.


We have been in business for 15 wonderful years & we are here to stay.


Were generated for our clients during the last week.

The Problem

Tech Guide is edited by Stephen Fenech, a well-respected tech journalist with more than 27 years experience. However, his website did not reflect this reality.

Problems included:

  • An outdated website design
  • A limited social media strategy
  • A limited search engine presence
  • Low traffic and revenue
  • Restricted content and monetisation management

The Solution

Since 2011, we have partenered with Tech Guide to become their complete online web and marketing specialists.

Solutions included:

  • Modern website redesign with custom mobile website
  • Completely integrated social media and email marketing strategy
  • Customised SEO and online marketing strategy
  • Flexible content management system update with existing Joomla! CMS

The Results

We have effectively boosted monthly traffic 300% with similar positive results for social media followers & ad revenue.

Results include:

  • Substantial rise in positive user metrics, e.g page visits, bounce rate & time on site
  • Increased Facebook/Twitter followers & email subscribers from 100's to 1000's
  • Consistent growth of organic, referral, brand traffic and ad revenue
  • A brand image that naturally attracts attention & respect from the industry

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